Reviews and Feedback


A case, in Austin, Texas. The were ability to secure a protective court order, in a matter and was able to show evidentiary issues, resulting in a dismissal, with prejudice, on a motion, by the District Attorney.” Arthur Meyer

“Knows his stuff.”

“As an IT professional and client, Iiterally ‘cross examined’ the expert and found him quite capable of handling my matter.” (Name witheld - pending case)

“A pleasure to work with.”

“In a recent case, the prosecution was going to run with a series of contraband images. Upon review of the images and meta data, we found that nine of the ten images WERE NOT on the computer, as stated by the law enforcement expert. The sentence was substantially less, than the original and potential outcome originally proposed.“ Gary Elder
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The Facts

Most agencies and law enforcement entities, are great at law enforcement. When it comes to IT and computers, well imagine someone who would rather be on the street, chasing crime, vs. being in front of a computer and it can result in poor morale or the lack of quality of work. People do manage to make errors and part of my process, is to identify those errors and how these facts can impact the presentation, by the defense and mitigating circumstances. The critical element is time! It keeps moving forward!