"How much does the services of a Computer

Forensics Examiner or a Computer Forensics Expert

Witness cost?"

I would think the appropriate answer is, what is the downside, if one is not retained. More often than not, the opposition may be ignorant of the local or Federal Rules of Evidence. Understandng the rules of evidence and court procedure, is critical, as part of your defense. The use of an expert will allow you to leverage arguments and theories, for your defense. Generally speaking, this can either end up as an outright dismissal or a mitigation of the charges. Please fell free to ask about the case studies, that have been compiled. As far as costs go, because of low overhead, billing rates are at the low-end of the scale, while professionalism is at the high point.
Computer Forensics Experts

Cost drivers

Factors that drive costs, include the amount of data that needs to be acquired, processed and reviewed. Also, there may be pre-trial hearings, when it comes to evidence and motions to dismiss, as well as actual trial time.


I personally, have over 20 years of forensic experience and over 30 years of IT Experience. this includes incident response, acquisiton, analysis and briefings, both as an Expert and as a government industrial contractor.
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"What is the basis for your rates and billings?"

"Why don’t you provide a written estimate?"

I have seen some written estimates and proposals. Although they look professional and sharp, I have seen elements missing, which are cost drivers and can end-up as “ugly surprises.” These can range from pretrial hearings, to the time involved for acquiting evidence, from a law enforcement agency. For further details, please reach out and ask.
Rather than be shy about costs, let's be candid. The investment in the acquisition of software licenses or new hardware for computer forensics infrastructure, not to mention training and education, can cost a business about $8-$10,000, or more, a year. In addition, most cases require a analysis of documents, such as reports, pleadings and litigation support should counsel plans to file a pre-trial motion for dismissal, discovery motions which require an appearance and for testimony at the hearing. Based upon my experience, I'd advise anybody to initially budget at least $5000 to $10,000, for our services. Some people like it “Right,” and some people like it “Right Now.” Our efforts are to perform and do it RIGHT.